Exercise & Movement

Just before we start on this most important page of must-do exercises I just wanted to mention one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever owned! THE TRX STRAP. The beauty of this simple piece of equipment is that it has a multitude of uses, from using your body weight as a form of muscle building to provide support for the exercises you find most difficult depending on your injury. There are a myriad of personal trainers on YouTube with a variety of exercises using the TRX and you will have to sort through them to discover which work for you. I have added a chart of some of the exercises that this equipment can be used for. Of course, the repetitions of exercises depend on you! In all cases, you should start with minimal reps and at a pace suitable to you Exercise is not meant to be torture

Back Pain explained:


Back exercises:

Exercise for backs ( depending on your level of pain ) should be started slowly, there is no rush! build up the number of reps over a period of time as the pain subsides or as you become stronger. However, you must start these exercises and stick to them. While in pain, fewer reps but more frequency throughout the day is advisable.

Please note that these are only a few exercises meant to start you moving and decrease pain. Once the pain is under control you must improve your core strength through other forms of exercise. MORE ON THIS LATER.



Knee Exercises:

Below I have posted videos of Knee exercises. As above these exercises should be started slowly and built up over time. The exercises shown are mentioned as exercises for Meniscus Injuries and Osteoarthritis. However, these are proven to improve knee health overall and therefore can be used for various reasons. All exercise has three main goals, strengthening of the muscles,  increase of blood flow to the affected area, and increased mobility. Again if you are in any doubt about whether to do these exercises? Please consult with your health professional first!




Although some of the exercises in these videos are repeated, there are slight variations and 1 or 2 different exercises.