BodyWeight Exercise Get fit without the Gym.

Bodyweight exercises.

They are great because you can do them basically anywhere and need little to no equipment. Any equipment that you see in the chart below is easily replaced with household items or if not, simply do not include them in your routine. Some of the exercises you will already recognize from previous posts.

It is however vital that you warm up before undertaking any of the exercises.

Warm-ups prepare the body for the work to come by increasing the heart rate, pumping blood around the body, putting your muscles through a range of movements making sure that they are working properly, and preventing injury while training.

If you have knee or back issues do not do any exercise that creates a hard impact on the affected area!

Product review:

Below is an advert for Vibram 5 finger toes. I bought my first pair of these in 2008. I was told by the retailer not to wear them all day every day for the 1st couple of weeks, but to use them for a couple of hours a day. At the time I didn’t understand why?

I took my dog to the park wearing my new 5 finger toes, he promptly ran off and of course, I gave chase. Four hours later I caught up with him. Later that evening I understood why the salesman had given me that advice. All the muscles in my legs particularly my calves were as stiff as if I had done a full gym workout to the point of exhaustion.

When we are toddlers and learning to walk we do so or used to do so barefoot, this is how we built up the muscles in our legs and made them strong. Over the years we have been sold all kinds of footwear and we have forgotten how to engage our leg and lower back muscles naturally. 5 finger toes take us back to that time.

I now boast 5 pairs and use them for virtually all day, for all my training especially. These are an item of footwear that everyone at any age should have.

Be aware owning these shoes will seriously improve your overall balance and fitness!


See Results Fast!

Follow as many of these exercises as possible, minimum 3 times a week 20 minutes a day and feel and see the difference !!

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